Monday, December 29, 2008

White Crater

I went to a crater, 46 km south of Bandung. People named the crater as Kawah Putih, literally: White Crater. It is a sulfur spring lake, so people can't swim.

The crater was formed by Mount Patuha eruption around tenth century. Native people of the area once believed that the crater was place of devils because birds would die when flied across the crater. Dutch's scientist, Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn in 1837 found that the sulfur spring which caused death of the birds, not devils.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back to Bali

I don't know you, but I always find new things if I am in Bali. The island addicts me so well. It offers view ready with frame around. I lived in Bali until last year. Going back to the island always makes my heart beating.

This is the scenery in Danau Bratan, Bedugul. Just shoot and click. No concept behind it. I was just trance that time. The smell of the beautiful land made me fool.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Batavia Stadhuis

Governor Johan van Hoorn guided the project in 1707 to erect Jakarta Town hall or Batavia Stadhuis. It was finished in 1710. Baroque style dominates the building.

In 1974, city government changed it become museum and named Fatahillah Museum. The collections of the museum vary, but most tell Jakarta history, from its first name Sunda Kelapa, Jayakarta, Batavia, and then Jakarta.

Big Sun

I was standing on a wharf in North Jakarta beach in the morning time to have a pre-wedding session. Saw the sun was rising, I took my long lens and attached to my camera.

In Jakarta bay, you wouldn't get the conventional beach image such as white sand, coconut trees, or blue water. What you will get is wire crossing here and there, towers, and for accent: boat. Like this picture

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Restaurant in St. Kilda

It is a restaurant which is located in the end of a wharf in St. Kilda. St. Kilda is a region 5 kilometers from the center of Melbourne, Australia.

I visited the restaurant not in the right time as winter was coming. The wind was so hard. You had to walk against the wind along the wharf to reach the restaurant. But from here, the view is obviously great.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still a Long Journey, Huh?

The new Parliament House of Australia is well known for its very clear axis with the old one. The new building is modern while the old one was built with the Victorian style. The architect of the new building seems that he still want to make his project has a connection to the old heritage one.

I was stood in the axis road heading to the new parliament. I saw that the top of the new building was a good composition when put in the very center of the axis. Is it?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yachts in Cronulla

If you want to go to Royal National Park in New South Wales in the most sophisticated way, do what I did. In Sydney, go to the central station. Buy a train ticket to Cronulla. In the Cronulla station, take a walk for 5 minutes to a ferry harbor that will take you to Bundeena, the nearest village to the park. I guarantee you will have a beautiful trip.

It was the picture I took when I was on the ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena. It was Sunday morning and some yachts were prepared for a sunny holiday. It is a kind of "see and shoot" photo, but I like the blue sky reflected on the sea.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bee My Flower

To be honest, I had never seen beautiful and colorful bee until I saw this one. The wings and the body of this creature are full with stripped yellow and blue color.

I was traveling in Cisarua, West Java, 100 kilometer south of Jakarta when I felt so lucky to see beautiful sun flowers in a garden. Then, oh my God, I felt I was so blessed when the bee suddenly came. I knew I would get the beautiful picture that time. Yes, it is.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jakarta from the Sea

You sometime may ask why the sky above Jakarta is rarely blue. Well, it is the answer. The pollution from many factories around the city makes the air is not good for our health.

I got the picture when I was standing on a wharf in Ancol, North Jakarta. From the place I was standing, you could see Jakarta from different perspective.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Durian

Singaporean, like Indonesian, Malaysian, and other South East Asian people find their selves as die hard fans of durian fruit. The ugly face of the fruit doesn't stop them to eat this stinky yellow fruit.

I was traveling around this boring city when I noticed that the Esplanade Theater is not more than like big durian. I think Singapore was dreaming to make the theater building to be "new Sydney Opera House" while the execution is poor. Long exposure is needed if you want to take pictures in night time like this.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Jukung is one of Indonesian traditional boat. The shape may vary, but the main part like the wings are always there to make the boat keep in balance in extreme situation such as bad weather.

This is the picture when I was in a photography hunting in Padang-padang Beach, near Uluwatu, Bali. The colorful boat was very contrast on white sand and under blue sky. I attached my PL filter to get the blue of the sky and the sea.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


It is different to watch football game from television and watch directly in the stadium. In the stadium, you may feel the atmosphere of the game. You may sing and yell freely.

It was a game in the Asian Cup between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia in Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. I almost missed the game as the ticket had been sold out. Thank to Andy for the "last minute ticket". I took this picture to capture the atmosphere when Indonesia's Elie Aiboy scored the goal. Unfortunately Indonesia lost the game in the injury time. But it's fine as the Indonesian player showed a good game.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Women in Waiting

Scarf, or in Indonesia you call it jilbab, is common for Muslim woman. In markets where Islam is vast majority in the area, you will see easily people sell them in varying color.

I was having a photography hunting with community in Jatinegara traditional market in Jakarta when I saw this interesting object.

Two Hearts

I told you before, I love rain and all the things come with it. All the good idea of beautiful picture easily comes with the rain in my mind. Like this picture.

It was a time after pouring rain in front of my room in Ubud, Bali when I got the idea of putting these red flowers on the watered leaf. All you need then is only composition and right exposure.

Rail Road

Yes. You're so damn right. This picture is very subjective. There isn't any story behind it, except that I took this picture when I had a pre-wedding session of my good friend, Dhini.

But, be still honey. Let me teach you a little bit about photography. Do you notice that in one point the picture is so sharp while the rest is blur? I tell you, it is because I used aperture 5.6. The smaller you set the number of the aperture, the tighter you'll get the sharp area. For instance, if you use the aperture 16, instead of, say 1.8, you will get the sharp rail road along the way.

Friday, June 15, 2007

After the Rain

I always like the rain. I like the smell when the water touches the ground. I like the romance of the nuance when the water flowing by the glass. You may say I'm too romatic. But to me, honestly, raindrops remind me of my home, my girl, my friends far away.

It is a picture of the water on the leaf waiting to fall. I took it in the yard of my house in Ubud, Bali, after a hard rain in the afternoon. Do you feel the way I do?

Take Us! Take Us!

I and my mates, two Australians, a Malaysian, and three Indonesians traveled from Sydney to Canberra. We did some sightseeings around the city.

I was taking some pictures in Australia Parliament House when these 4 girl mates kept annoying me, asking me to take picture of them. Pfff, Ipuy, Tisa, Sylvia, and Sze-ee, it is yours.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do You Know the Name of the Building?

I was lost in Melbourne when I entered this building not in purpose. I once read about this building in an architecture book some time ago. I like how clever the architect combine the old and the new building.

I erected my tripod to capture the meet between the steel roof of the new with the old bricks monument. The red color was produced by the sunlight. But, forgive me for forgetting the name of the building. Do you know? Do you mind to let me know?

Three Sisters

My friend in Sydney, Muhammad, who came from Pakistan, told me the story about the cursed three sisters story in Blue Mountain National Park in New South Wales. It is an Australian aborigine story about three sisters who had been cursed into stone by their father because of running from their tribe and choosing to marry enemy tribe men.

It took 2 hours from Sydney to reach the national park. The long and winding road to see "the girls" was paid when you see the breathtaking view like this. Can you see the three sisters as foreground there?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Becak for Pri

When Priyatna, my good friend in Bali, knew that I had a plan to go to Makasar, South Sulawesi, he asked me to capture a picture of Makasarian becak. I don't know why he asked me that, maybe he collects pictures of becak from all area in Indonesia.

Becak is the most popular three wheels transportation in Indonesia. But the shapes of the vehicle vary from one region to another. Becak in Medan is different from becak in Jogjakarta and in Makasar. So, Pri, this is for you. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Penjor in Tanah Lot

Get bored of Tanah Lot in Bali? Never me. It always offers new pictures to be captured. It depends on how you see the whole landscape and then treasure new image.

This picture shows penjor, an erected post from bamboo which decorated with coconut leaves, in Tanah Lot. I wanted a picture which shows silhouette of the temple but still have the color range. Here is the result.

Monday, May 28, 2007

A Corner in the Rocks

Have a plan to travel to Sydney? Don't miss the Rock precinct. If you are a person like me who love old buildings, vintage stores and restaurants, or ancient way of life, this is the place. The Rocks is place where first settlements from England established the city.

I was taking a walk in a weekly old market in the area when I saw the building. The black and white film that I put in my camera was suited with the old building.

St Paul Cathedral

I was traveling to Melboune when suddenly the rain came. Yeah, you know Melbourne, you can't predict the weather of the town. So I entered this church as a temporary shelter. Wow, I found that the interior is great.

I took my tripod, put it on the floor and had my camera installed on it. Too dark, so I had to set in bulb speed to get a good picture. I used 30 seconds shutter speed to have a picture like this. Enjoy it, then.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Postcard from Bali

This view is so classic. So many postcards of Bali show Pura Danau Bratan from this spot. I was lucky that the day was so sunny.

Yes, it is so colorful, isn't it? Yes, Bimo taught me to once try to use high ISO as an experiment to get the colorful range of the picture. I followed what he said by using ISO 800. This is the result.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

When the Sun Sets

Another picture from Tanah Lot. When the sun has the time to set, Tanah Lot would be silhouette. That is what I looked for. So I waited there until the time came.

I used the metering spot at the sun so I could get the silhouette. Unfortunately I didn't bring my tripod, then I used ISO 1600. So, would you forgive me for the noise around?

Blue Lake

Lake Batur in Kintamani, northern Bali, is well-known for its blue color. In a sunny day, especially in the morning, enjoy the scenery view from the above. But be careful with the people here. They are not as a friendly as most Balinese are.

Made Dirgantara once asked me and Japa to join his trip to Kintamani to enjoy this beautiful view. It was a cheerful trip as the boys are really joker. But like I said before, we had problems with the local people of the lake. So we just enjoyed the view from far above.

Masterpiece of Jorn Utzon

If you go to Sydney, the first place you must visit is Sydney Opera House. As a masterpiece of Danish architect, Jorn Utzon, actually the building has the painful and bloody process in its development. From the refusal of the city's citizen to the big fund the building had spent, Sydney Opera House had been through them, and now becomes the icon of the city.

I used my lovely old camera, Nikon FE, with Fuji Film Superia 100 to capture this picture. I think this picture is romantic because it shows the details of the building, and yes, not trying to be melancholic, because I used the old camera my father had presented when I was boy.

Balinese Black Duck

One of the most popular Balinese cuisine is smoked duck. But for the Balinese, the most expensive duck is black duck. I don't know why. Yeah, you get the clue here why smoked black duck is rare and expensive.

I had to use my long 75-300 mm lens to get this picture. You know ducks. They don't like us, people, who like to smoke and eat them.

Sanur in the Morning Light

The best way to enjoy Sanur Beach in Bali is to get there in the sunrise time. That's what I did to get the picture. The clear air, the smell of the sea, the fishermen's busy work with the fresh fishes from deep water, and for sure, beautiful landscape, are things you'll meet there in the morning.

I took some picture series there. I did the HDR way here so you would see all the color range. Do you notice the Mount Agung as background there?

Quiet Day

I, Ivant, and Rudi went to Tanah Lot on Kuningan Day, a week after most celebrated Balinese Hindu day, Galungan. It was a festival day like the other Balinese day.

It was so crowded, but I found a spot where there weren't any people there. I captured it with my 350D camera. Some people asked how I could capture a picture of Tanah Lot as quiet as this picture. Well, it is the answer. Find the right spot. You can get the picture like this!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dreaming in Dreamland

Imagine this. White sand beach, sunset, and hot chicks. Well if you are a man just like me and love those kind of things, go to Dreamland Beach in southern of Bali. It is a small beach hidden behind rocky hill.

My mates in highschool, Bimo, Harja, and Seto once with me went there to have a photography hunting and to see beautiful girls. We took some landscape photos and do stalking to few great chicks. This is the picture I got there. Off course I keep the picture of the chicks in my harddisk.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Holy Mary, Bless Me

Sunday morning, and I was lonely in my apartment. Then I decided to go to Hyde Park in the heart of Sydney. Nothing was in the park, just some people were doing demo and asking to free West Papua from Indonesia government. Stepped out from them, I prefer to shoot my old camera at St. Mary Cathedral, the biggest Catholic church in Sydney.

In 1821 the foundation stone of the first St Mary's Chapel was laid by Governor Lachlan Macquarie. In 1865 St Mary's Cathedral was ruined by fire. Work was begun on a new cathedral in 1865 and was completed in three stage: the northern section in 1882, the central tower in 1900 and the Nave in 1928, a total of 60 years. Between 1998 and 2000 the Spires were added.

A Foggy Day in Bedugul

A month ago my friend, Steve, asked me to accompany him to go to Danau Bratan in Bedugul, Northern Bali. I had been there before, but the beautiful shrine in the middle of the lake was keeping attracting me, so I said "why not?".

It was a day as usual, even tough rain kept falling all the way. I could see the beautiful view of the Pura and the lake as before when suddenly in 3 pm fog came down over the lake. It was hard to see beyond 5 m. All the fishermen went to the edge because they were hard to sail their boat as well. I took some picture in a hurry because I worried the fog would break my lens. This is what I got.

From Mrs. Macquairie's Chair

People said that the best place to take Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge as a single picture is from Mrs. Macquarie's Chair in Royal Botanical Garden. So I walked there and snapped some pictures. It is one of them.

Mrs. Macquarie is wife of of Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of New South Wales from 1810 to 1821. His wife used to sit on the rock and watch for ships coming from England sailing into Sydney Harbour. That's the place got its name, I guess.

Abandoned Heritage

If you go to Jogjakarta, make sure you visit Tamansari. This is the park where Sultan entertained his guests and wives. But after disaster after disaster, the latest one is earthquake last year, it is abandoned now.

I took this picture when I took a walk on Pasar Ngasem. This is the most abandoned part of the park.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Day in South Nias

If you're interested in vernacular architecture, this settlement in Southern Nias is something you can't miss out. Located in Bawomataluo village, all the heritages are still there. Big old wood house, megaliths, traditions, and off course, the way of life will make you imagine living in stone age. The people of Nias refer to their island as 'tano niha' or 'land of mankind'.

Nias is well-known for its beach as well. If you are surfer freak, go to Teluk Dalam Beach. You will discover a paradise (you may read this as great wave and other surfer freaks like you). If you like to travel as backpacker, you can reach the island by ship. There is regular -once a week- ship from Jakarta to Nias, which will take you 2 days 2 nights to reach the island.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Padang-padang Beach

My friends, the couple Atika and Priyatna asked me to join their photography hunting in Padang-padang Beach in Southern Bali. It was a cheerful trip. I found then that it was a remote beach. Not so many people know about this short but beautiful beach.

From the bridge above the beach, I changed my 18-55 mm lens with 70-300 mm so I could capture the moment closer.

Fight for Food

Indonesia has a serious problem in providing jobs for its citizen. So many people here has to work in informal sectors.

Here in Sibolga, North Sumatara province, people fight with others just to be the first man who reach the boat to get the passenger use their service as "kuli panggul". Kuli panggul means a person who offer service to bring a big and heavy stuff.

Lotus in Black and White

Beautiful colorful flower doesn't have to be in color. This is a sample. You can still imagine the beautiful lotus even tough it is in black and white.

A lotus I found when I was in Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

Evil vs Evil

Another Balinese Hindu people's festival. Ogoh-ogoh is a kind of festival which held a day before Nyepi, a day when all the people in the island is not allowed to light the fire or electricity, to have entertainment, to travel, and so on. They hope, after the Nyepi day, the would be a new born person.

The Ogoh-ogoh represents the evil. After Nyepi all evil must get out from this beautiful island. The evils only had a day chance to go out and celebrate their existings.

Here is the picture of the evils fight for their kingdom.

Don't Shoot Me!

I was confused what object I had to take when I was in Ubud in the middle of Ogoh-ogoh festival. Then I realized that a boy continuously starring at me. But when I pointed my 18-55 mm lens to him, he tried to hide behind the Ogoh-ogoh.

I got you anyway, boy!

I Bless You, Child

Balinese Hindu people have so many rituals in their life. From birth until they die, life is from one ritual to another. You may say it is useless, but if you ask where the Balinese get their peaceful life from, after you see a moment like this, you'll know the answer.

I was going to Tanah Lot in Bali when I noticed that the priest was blessing a child. Wishing this baby get the wiseful life in his precious future life.

What is in a Name?

I don't know the name of the flower. But I was interested with the simple color and the background as well.

I was travelling in Bogor on my motorbike. Suddenly I saw the flowers. Getting off of my bike and then captured some photos.

Typical of Australian Landscape

Gold and Green, that's how the Australian call their landscape. Yes, if you fly across the continent, you will find easily these two colors will reflect it. Bushes and desert are the main landscape of the country.

The picture was taken when I was alone crossing the Blue Mountain in New South Wales. Breathtaking view.

Boat from Cronulla to Royal National Park

I took this picture when I went to Royal National Park in New South Wales. The most exciting way to reach the park is by catching the ferry from Cronulla. I was interested of the composure between the blue sky, the yellow paint, and the orange life jacket.

I used my old 80's Nikon FE. Pretty romantic time when I released the button of this old camera.